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Your aura or electrical field contains a vibration that relates to the future health of your organs or body. A saliva sample or picture carries the same vibrations and from these samples the vibrations of the body can be assessed. The reading is focused on optimum health on a scale of 0-100; 100 being best and 0 being lowest. Numbers in the 10’s and 20’s means that your health needs work and that the low potential may later manifest some problems that you don’t want. As a rule of thumb, many people score in the 50’s as a state of normal health. The reading also includes recommendations for eliminating the deep cause of the issue. The best and least expensive solutions are suggested. The amount of issues presenting may create the need for many preparations over a sustained period of time. Ultimately, the suggestions include the use of something that gets the job done and gets out. Nothing is designed for an ongoing, ”forever” use. Many issues have an inherited base and although they are looked upon as incurable, that may not be the case in this practice.

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One of the foremost tragedies inthese hectic times, I believe, is the behavioral illnesses of our children. Whatever may be the cause of these conditions, parents, extended family, institutions such as church and school are being faced with incredible challenges by children who are not normal. We call them ADD, ADHD, behaviorally delayed, autistic, etc.

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Just as our own selves need assistance in stress relief and maintaining health, so do our animal companions. The limitations in our animal's behavior may be due to anxiety, memory of past pain, imbalance or a need for nutritional support. Using a combination of One Brain, applied kinesiology, and appropriate nutrition it is possible for your animal companion to become a more effective, relaxed and comfortable partner.


The world of plants offers many healing opportunities. Herbal remedies have been used for centuries and they are still viable for modern times.



used as an adjunct to One Brain balancing, or separately, also can assist in the release of rigid patterns of behavior, habits or addictions, chronic pain or dyslexia.


As we become increasingly aware of our physical bodies, our interest in staying healthy becomes heightened. Just "eating right" might not be enough for that full sense of wellness. It may be necessary to nutritionally support specific organ systems in order to return them to "full power". Using applied kinesiology the body's wellness issues can be determined, prioritized and addressed through appropriate nutrition and supplements.


Whether through injury, accident, or Caesarian birth, the normal brain to body connections may not be present. Using Neural Organization Work, this "fight or flight" pattern can be changed to normal, the immune system enhanced, and the endocrine system stregthened. NOW is very effective with learning disabilities, ADD and ADHD, growth abnormalities and chronic pain.

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is a system of choice. Without choice we perceive ourselves as victims of people and circumstances. With choice we can fully understand our personal power and our personal responsibility for creating what we want in our lives.


Following the precepts of 5 element Chinese medicine, the meridians are balanced, pulses are monitored, and the individual's spirit is restored.



A very gentle, non-invasive approach to eliminating the emotional impact of personal challenges.


brings the body into harmony by relieving physical and emotional blockages. It heals the cause and eliminates the effects of an imbalance. Very simply, it is a gentle, hands-on approach to minimizing your sense of helplessness when facing disease or the trauma of modern society.