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Neural Organization Work is a holistic physical and energetic medicine modality, based in Applied Kinesiology, which deals with our basic survival systems of fight/flight, feeding/immune, and reproduction. Our health depends on how well these systems are maintained and their ability to receive, process, and respond to sensory information in a constantly changing environment of both internal and external stressors. Treatment is based in a sensory receptor-based therapy utilizing primarily skin surface reflexes designed to normalize nervous system function.

In 1978 Dr. Carl Ferreri, a practicing chiropractic physician from New York, combined the basic concepts of Applied Kinesiology with energetic medicine to produce a body of work he called Neural Organization Technique. This technique holds as its premise that everything that happens to us on a physical, chemical, or emotional level must be processed through one or more of the basic survival systems. Our reaction to these stimuli will not be random but one of a chain of neuro-biochemical events always designed to maximize our survivability. This is accomplished by constantly monitoring both the internal and external environment through a vast array of information gathering sensors within the autonomic component of our central nervous system. Illnesses, pain, toxicity, scoliosis, fatigue, etc. all represent compensatory states. It is the goal of Neural Organization Work to undo these compensatory states and return the body (central nervous system) back to its original operating parameters. Building on this technique, Dr. Mitchell Corwin, a chiropractic physician in California, has added components that “reset” the body’s ability to function efficiently. Neural Organization Work addresses the basic survival systems and enables the body to heal.

The involvement of the fight/flight survival system is a key factor in most musculo-skeletal problems. The ability to stand erect and move against gravity is maintained by a complex system of body centering reflexes that are composed of a multitude of sensory input devices constantly feeding back sensory information to the central nervous system. When these input devices malfunction, mostly due to physical trauma (accident or injury), confusion exists and our nervous system attempts to compensate, resulting in reduced efficiency. It is because of this compensatory state that one becomes prone to injury or worse, failure to heal.

An extreme example is the condition of scoliosis. Here the spine appears twisted and distorted, but from what? Is it possible that this may represent a grossly compensatory state of a centering problem, i.e. being stuck in a frozen walking step/gait position? If so, then the most appropriate treatment is not bracing, stretching, or exercise, but one of first reestablishing center (neutral gait) and second reducing the compensatory ‘reactive muscle’ scoliosis state. The spinal distortion component of scoliosis, caused by a reactive adaptive muscle imbalance of spinal and skeletal postural muscles, can be eliminated quickly and efficiently, often at the initial office visit.

The immune system and endocrine system are also severely impacted by the flight or flight response of the body to traumas. Once the structural system has been reset then the immune and endocrine systems also need to be addressed through the Neural Organization Work protocols. This work is further enhanced by resetting the body’s processing systems in relation to each other; whether this is the digestive system, the adrenals, the pancreas, and/or blood sugar handling. Learning disabilities and depression share a common fault: depression of the sphenoid bone to the right and/or left. Once the basic survival systems are operating normally, the practitioner can address learning disabilities and depression, resetting the body to operate efficiently and cheerfully. Adapted from Dr. Charles Kreb’s work, Neural Organization Work also addresses Deep Level Switching and Deep Hidden Switching. These are, basically, the brain’s response to deep emotional traumas, involving the reticular activating system, the corpus callosum, and the amygdala.

The stored traumas appear to maintain for the individual a distance from enjoying life, becoming productive, organizing experiences, coping with stressors. Once the three survival systems are satisfied and operating normally, Immuno-therapy, a unique contribution from Dr. Mitchell Corwin, can reset the immune system function of the spleen, thymus, central nervous system, B and T lymphocytes. Bone infections, pancreas virus, miasms, heavy metal and chemical toxicities, infections can be “tagged” and the immune system recalibrated to remove them. The result is an individual with a fully functioning immune system with greatly enhanced health and vitality.