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The Difficult Child

By Carolyn Libby

As a classroom teacher for over 25 years I have repeatedly experienced children who have a difficult time learning in the traditional classroom setting. If you talk to many life-long teachers they will tell you that these types of students appear in greater numbers each year, the problems they exhibit become insurmountable, and they “infect” the other students with their “dis-ease”.

When I was teaching in rural Washington state some years ago I became aware of the pain these children exhibited and projected. They felt they were dumb and stupid, did not have a future, were doomed to failure. They inspired me to find the answer to what I began calling minimal learning disability. There was something missing in or blocking their learning and they were unable to learn, even in the most understanding and caring of environments.
It may very well be useful to list the types of behaviors I am writing about. Throughout the years they have been given names by schools, doctors, and therapists. My list includes ADD, ADHD, autism/Ausperger’s, developmental delay, out of control, hyperactivity, dyslexia, anorexia, bulimia, dull, angry, obsessive/compulsive disorder, food fanatic (limits food intake to chicken nuggets and pizza, for example), wild, disobedient, oppositional defiant. Most of you have probably seen children with these labels and/or they exist within your immediate family. They do not respond well to the usual approaches in the educational or therapeutic environments. They have become unfixable in this culture.

As my journey for “the answer” continued over the years I began to see the problem as multi-faceted, with different paths within each little body. I started by looking for the vitamin or mineral deficiency and now I look for a long list of contributing factors. These factors include, but are not limited to, bowel toxicity/infection, pH abnormalities, inappropriate nutrition, nutritional deficiencies, the impact of vaccinations, emotional stunting, negative energies, chemical and/or heavy metal toxicities.

There are several researchers who have influenced my thinking about these issues. Dr. Majid Ali writes eloquently about the need to detoxify the bowel, liver, and blood. Dr. Andrew Wakefield of England has carefully researched, and I believe proved, the connection between the measles vaccine and the enterocolitis experienced by autistic individuals. Studying children who do not learn to read easily, Dr. Crook has thoroughly researched the connection between ear infections, antibiotic abuse, candida overgrowth of the bowel, and the non-reader. Dr. Lendon Smith has demonstrated for years the necessity to supplement vitamins and minerals in these hypersensitive/hyperactive children.

Their reactivity to common household substances and foods has been studied and written about by Dr. Doris Rapp. Joseph Chilton Pearce writes that the “mother’s emotional state during pregnancy determines the direction that evolution would take place within her developing fetus. Her state of well-being determines whether fetal brain development concentrates on the frontal lobes or the ancient reptilian brain involved in survival.”
When consulting with the families of these children it has become increasingly clear to me that the physical health of the mother places the health, physical and mental, of the child at risk. Sick mothers have sick children. Sick children become sicker faster when exposed to vaccinations, junk food, excessive sugar, chemicals, heavy metals, and antibiotics.

The circumstances which provoke dis-abilities and aberrant behaviors in all bodies are unique to that individual. There is no one set pattern that prevails for everyone. I use a list of factors which have positive effects on people and I sort through it to find which factors will be beneficial for each individual.

When I begin working with a family with this kind of child in it I start with a saliva sample. I use the saliva sample to make sure the coccyx is energetically connected to the spine, to ascertain the functioning levels of the organs and organ systems, to determine any food allergies, and the level of the child’s participation in any of the labels listed above. I schedule a meeting with the parents and discuss the saliva reading and the remedy recommendations. I also talk with them about the nutritional changes that need to be made within the household.

Nearly everyone has heard of the Feingold diet, but I don’t believe that it goes far enough. Most families need to eliminate foods from their diet, foods to which their children are reactive. When one individual in the house needs to eliminate foods from their diet the entire family needs to do it! This is one of the hardest areas in which to get compliance. Eliminating cow’s milk, wheat, and sugar from a household is very difficult for most families. If corn also needs to be eliminated, the burden becomes very large for many homemakers.

What I usually ask the family to do is eliminate cow’s milk for 2 weeks (it takes 2 weeks to clear the system). Then, at a time when they are prepared for the child to be ill (angry, whiney, stomach ache, head ache, diarrhea, constipation, can’t get out of bed in the morning), give him some cheese or a glass of milk. Since the individual has abstained for 2 weeks, any allergic response to the milk will be exacerbated. If he is reactive to cow’s milk he will be really difficult and/or sick. [Many parents have been told that the child grows out of his milk intolerance or that milk intolerance does not exist. This is not the truth in my experience!] Once the child has the allergic reaction the household is more willing to remove the offending items from the diet.

I usually do not treat the food intolerances in the beginning. There are too many other changes that are being asked of the family. However, there are some treatments for food allergies that are effective and can be scheduled. Dr. Jimmy Scott’s work or the NAET protocols are effective. Recently some chiropractic practitioners are tagging the food intolerance to an emotion and using a marriage between NET and NAET; the advantage being that it only takes 6 hours to clear the allergy.

The saliva analysis gives me a basic understanding of the aberrant pathways unique to that individual and from that I propose a protocol of vibrational and/or homeopathic remedies with which to detoxify the body. I recommend vibrational remedies in the beginning of treatment because the impact is so quick and apparent. The first stage is to detoxify the body of the chemicals and heavy metals because they go everywhere in the body and effect every part of the body (and brain). Oftentimes the heavy metal/chemical detoxification goes far toward changing the dysbiosis. Usually a significant amount of fungus is present in the bowel and this is detoxed next. Depending upon the profile I add the vaccination detoxification remedies as soon as possible. By detoxing the vaccinations the following are addressed: food choices, processing of sensory information, language, metabolic disorders, OCD, depression, asocial behaviors.

When there are parasites, and there usually are, I will recommend vibrational remedies for these as well. When the body gives permission there is a tapping protocol for parasites that eliminates ALL intestinal parasites within 24 hours. The tapping protocols are being taught by Dr. Kurt Ebert at the Tree of Life Foundation.

Whenever possible I also ask the parent to bring the child to my office for a treatment with Neural Organizational Work as developed by Dr. Carl Ferreri. He teaches that all ADD and ADHD children are in fight or flight and need their brain-to-body priorities reset. All learning disabilities require the movement of the sphenoid bone; this treatment comes at the end of a long sequence of NOW procedures. It has been my feeling that the ADD/ADHD child moves in order to find himself in space. When he bumps into something that is when the brain knows where he is. Without that movement, the brain’s ability to monitor position in space is deficient.

Some of these children are subject to unseen forces. In this category I refer to geopathic stress, miasms, negative energy and thought forms, and negative entities. For most children the clearing only has to be done once. I use a variety of techniques for the clearing. In Plant Spirit Medicine (or acupuncture) we learn the Calling of the Seven Dragons. In Christianity we know about prayer and Saint Michael. Drunvalo Melchizadek teaches a summoning of the energy and a process of relocation. Michelle Small-Wright uses flower essences. In all cases something then has to be done to “fill the void.” There are a variety of techniques to be used here: a One Brain diffusion, a Psych-K clearing, a Plant Spirit Medicine treatment, cranial/sacral alignment, Dr. Carl Ferreri’s emotional clearing procedure. I have also noted that healing the body with the vibrational remedies also heals the spirit.

Once the parents see the changes in their child they are willing to do more and then I ask them to do some Brain Gym exercises daily with the child. These will make the fastest alterations in the learning behaviors. Brain Gym, also known as Edu-K, was developed by Dr. Paul Dennison, a dyxlexic himself. Basically, he teaches a series of exercises that hook up the brain, reinforce the crossing of the midline, turn on the ears, give balance, and these make a major difference in the classroom very quickly. In addition, children can be taught the Infinity Walk very quickly and this will also increase brain fluency faster.

As the child continues taking the vibrational remedies the unusual behaviors begin to change. When they seem to plateau then I will look for the emotion which has locked that behavior into the brain and will diffuse it. In the process of healing, One Brain diffusions and/or Psych-K balances are particularly helpful. Children respond very quickly to energy work and energetic vibrational medicine. The issues to look at with a child are usually about self concept, self worth, being good enough, taking responsibility, and owning success.

How long does it take? Several months will make a major difference; in most cases 6 to 12 months finishes most of the aberrant manifestations; autism generally takes more than a year to clear. David Alan Slater is fond of saying that nothing is incurable. I’ve certainly found that to be true. We can rescue these children from the damage done to them.

July, 2002


Treatment modalities

Vibrational Remedies
Aluminum/Chlorine/Fluoride Arsenicum
Areno Virus Brain Clear
Brain Medulla Mold Brain Muscle
Brain Nerve Block C & CP
Carcinoma Tonsils C & D CP C SP D SF C DPT Dyslex
Ergot Left/Right Brain Connect
Lympho Carcinoma Lympho Sarcoma
MMR Measles Endocrine
Mumps Endocrine MeMdRb Merc Bin Merc Cor
Merc Viv Mercury in the Brain
Mercury in the Brainstem Mercury in the Spine Nogin Deklogin Pertusis
Pituitary Cloak Pituitary Film
Polio Carcinoma Polio Encephalitis
Polio Virus Polioclastic Virus
Polio Pneumonia
Retrovirus Epstein Barre Retrovirus Radiation
Rubella Residue Spine Fungus Strep Fungus A Strep Fungus N Teeth Polio TB Brain TB Lymph TB Lymph Channels TB Nerves TB Spine Vaccination Fungus
Vaccination Brain Paralysis Vaccination Brain Bridge
Vaccination Hypothalamus Block Whoop M

Heavy metals/chemicals to detox
Aluminum Antimony
Arsenic Aspartame
Benzene, Cadmium, Carbon Monoxide, Chlorine Dioxin, Ethyline, Dibromide, Formaldehyde, Lead, Lindane, Mercury, Radiation


Brain Muscle Blood Cell Parasite
Hookworm Many other possibilities

Brain reorganization
One Brain Brain Gym/Edu-K Psych-K Infinity Walk
NOW Neural Organization Work as taught by Dr. Carl Ferreri

Dr. Kurt Ebert’s tapping protocol is helpful and sometimes seemingly miraculous for conditions that he lists on his web site www.the-tree-of-life.com

Color Therapy
Colored gels from Apex Energetics
Color therapy (Spectro-Chrome) from Dinshah P. Ghadiali

Plant Spirit Medicine

7 dragons
Balance the meridians
“Feed” the spirit

Allergies/food eliminations
Jimmy Scott’s protocols
Vibrational Remedies and/or homeopathics
Attractor Field Therapy tapping

Cow milk (but individual should eat organic butter or ghee)
Corn Wheat
Processed foods Gluten grains
Sugar Sodas
Additives/colors/flavorings Aspartame

Foods to eat
Whole foods
Fruits and vegetables
Vitamin B’s
Oils/ EFA’s, i.e. cod liver oil

Evaluation/Monitoring of behaviors
Language delays/Expressive language delays
Difficult articulation/speech unclear
Difficulty in moderating pitch of voice
Difficulty in putting sentences together
Easily frustrated/Easily over stimulated
Difficulty moderating activity level
Difficulty waking up from a nap
Periods of irritability/Aggressive
Unable to understand others’ feelings
Very active
Limited food choices/Refuses to try new foods
Socially delayed
Short attention span/Difficulty staying focused
Moves quickly from one activity to the next
Unusual walking/running gait/Walks on tiptoes
Will not remain in large stores/Hyperactive in group settings
Hates confinement/Driven to explore and wander
Delay in fine motor skills
Metabolic disorder, i.e. unable to metabolize carbohydrates or protein
Sensory integration dysfunction
Oral, tactile, and auditory sensory defensiveness
Diminished auditory and/or visual processing
Diminished motor planning
Dislikes some sensory experiences, i.e. barefoot, touching sand, hearing multiple voices
Unable to ignore ancillary stimuli (G protein mechanism dysfunction)
Low muscle tone
Poor chewing/swallowing of food/Requires frequent oral stimulation
Constipation and/or diarrhea
Yeast infections
Disruption of cell-to-cell communication in the epithelial cells, small intestine
Handles objects roughly
OCD/Fixates on ideas/concepts
Physical asymmetries
Avoids eye contact
No sense of safety
Eye flickering
No trust
Diminished self expression


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